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Rosie Belle is our first baby. She is the first dog my husband Odis and I got together after months of research on this breed and which generation best fit our needs. She is a CKC registered F1BB Labradoodle. She is 55 pounds and built lean like a standard poodle. Based on her Embark genetic testing, she is 87.1% Standard Poodle, and 12.9% Labrador Retriever. I believe she got the best of both breeds as Rosie will retreive/play fetch all day long, and she is smart as a whip thanks to those poodle genetics. 

Her Embark genetic testing can be viewed here.

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 6.48.37 PM.png

Delilah Rae

Delilah is our spunky girl, born January 16, 2021. She is an AKC registered standard chocolate parti poodle​. She is about 60 lbs. of pure muscle and athleticism. She completed our pack of girls that will reside in our home forever! She has a very sweet yet quirky personality and is very interested in and gentle around young babies and children. 

Her Embark genetic testing can be viewed here.

She has completed her OFA prelims as well.


Eleanor Blue

Eleanor Blue, or Ellie, is our CKC registered F1 Sheepadoodle (50% Old English Sheepdog and 50% standard poodle). She is 65 lbs of fluff and love. Old English Sheepdogs have been known to be called "velcro dogs" for their tendency to "stick" by their humans at all times. Ellie is down to do anything that involves being with her people. She is known to give bear hugs to anyone who will accept them. She is my spirit animal because she is down to settle in for a lazy day, or hike 6 miles. We love the versatility of this girl, and most importantly her sweet demeanor.

Her Embark genetic testing can be viewed here.

Dottie Mae

Dottie Mae is an F1b Sheepadoodle, bred by us! She was born February 15, 2022 to Ellie and Ranger. Her litter can be viewed on our 'previous litters' page. She is a chocolate merle Sheepadoodle that should be around 60 lbs fully grown. She is the first "guardian pup" to be added to our program, and she lives with Maddi and Collin, good friends of ours in West Texas! Pending her future health testing, we will hopefully produce some amazing, unique Sheepadoodles from her with wonderful temperaments.

Her Embark genetic testing can be viewed here.

Reba June

Rebe June is a Micro multigenerational Goldendoodle that resides in a guardian home in Oak Point, TX with Kyle, Nikki, and family. She is expected to be around 15 lbs at maturity, and we can expect micro golden doodle litters from her beginning in 2024, pending her clear health testing! She is a sweetheart and full of personality in her tiny body!

Her Embark genetic testing can be viewed here.


Family Photos:

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